Who we are

Ceardannan is an IT consulting firm based in Belgium. Our greatest strength is Java Enterprise/Web development. We also design, build and host community websites, portals and e-stores based on PHP and provide design services such as Graphic Design, Icon Design and Usability Design. We are also proficient in Android and iPhone development and are active on the smartphone app markets.

Steffen Luypaert is both the manager and only employee of Ceardannan. Although he works together with other freelancing developers and designers, the work delivered by Ceardannan is only his responsibility.

He has a Bachelor in Psychology and Masters in Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence and Usability Design. He is also a Sun Certified Java Developer and a Sun Certified Web Component Developer.

He has 8 years professional experience in Java, web development and business analysis.

The Ceardannan

The Ceardannan, nowadays usually called Summer Walkers, are a Scottish tribe of travelling craftsmen, whom Steffen had the chance to meet when he was travelling through Scotland. Because his first project was going to be abroad in a sunny country while it would be winter at home, Steffen felt like he would walk the summer too. Moreover, because he had clients all over the world, he would have to travel a lot for the job and work wherever he would go, just as the members of the tribe. So he thought Ceardannan was an appropriate name for the business.